RAMA Academy

We teach Traditional Vedic Astrology through online courses and workshops

"Vistiji is my guru, his approach is very systematic, clear and precise. He is extremely patient in answering our numerous queries. As an astrologer, I have witnessed him analyzing charts and it seems dazzling to say the least, yet it is based on logic, step-wise! My humble pranams."

- Kartik Srinivasan, Novartis India Limited

"One of the best vedic astrologers on Earth! I am listening to his lectures, and my knowledge and understanding of jyotish grows every day. Being so knowledgable he still remains very humble and kind which speaks a lot of his great human qualities. Thank you so much for your service"

- Iryna Chupryna, Media monitoring expert, Memo 98

RAMA Academy founded by Visti Larsen

Visti is a student of Pt. Sanjay Rath and part of the tradition of Śrī Achyutānanda Dasa of Kaliñga (Orissa), India, a tradition originating from the Pancha Sakha of Śrī Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Through his study of the Vedic knowledge he has furthered others in their study of Astrology through courses both online and in-person.

He has been a professional and practicing astrologer since 2004, and sees clients horoscopes on a daily basis. His experience enables him to portray the pitfalls and shortcuts to better horoscope analysis, which he also displays in the teachings and lessons he shares.

Visti holds the titles of Jyotiṣa Pandita and Jaimini Scholar, and is the custodian of the Mahaṛṣi Jaimini Upadeśa Sūtras.