Āditya - The Sun-God Bundle

Understand the effects of the Sun-Sign, your giver of life and purpose

What's your sign? Why is it important, and is their a divine purpose behind that sign in my life? The Vedic Sun sign is the giver of light, life, direction and purpose, an ancient truth that Visti presents in a course for each sign.

In 12 courses you will understand the peculiarities for your Sun-Sign and house placement of the Sun, as well as the Nakṣatra that the particular Sun-God presides over.

This course is for beginner and intermediate students alike, covering the vast principles and interpretations of the Sun in charts with several examples.

Courses Included with Purchase

Pisces-Sun: Viṣṇu-āditya (March 15 - Apr 15) & the 12th house-Sun
Understand the 12th Sun God, Viṣṇu-Āditya, the liberator and protector of dharma, Śravana Nakṣatra and the Iṣṭa Devata, the giver of Nirvana/liberation
Visti Larsen
Aquarius-Sun: Tvaṣṭāditya (Feb 14 - Mar 14) & the 11th house-Sun
Know the 11th Sun God, Tvaṣṭāditya, the cause of monopolies and bringer of tyranny; the working of Chitra Nakṣatra and the produce of Aquarius
Visti Larsen
Capricorn-Sun: Bhagāditya (Jan 14 - Feb 13) & the 10th house-Sun
Learn about the 10th Sun God, Bhāgāditya, its blessing and curse, its Nakṣatra Pūrva Phalguni and the produce of Capricorn
Visti Larsen
Aries-Sun: Dhātāditya (Apr 15 - May 14) & the 1st house-Sun
Discover the 1st Sun God, Dhātāditya, the creator of the world, Savitur and the Gayatri Mantra, Hasta Nakṣatra and the effects of the weekdays upon us
Visti Larsen
Taurus-Sun: Aryamāditya (May 15 - Jun 14) & the 2nd house-Sun
Learn about the 2nd Sun God, Aryamāditya, the protector of the sages and family, the giver of family additions, and Uttaraphalguṇī Nakṣatra
Visti Larsen
Gemini-Sun: Mitrāditya (Jun 15 - Jul 14) & the 3rd house-Sun
Understand the 3rd Sun-God, Mitrāditya, the friend of the world, Anuradha Nakṣatra and the 3rd house Sun
Visti Larsen
Cancer-Sun: Varuṇāditya (Jul 15 - Aug 16) & the 4th house-Sun
Know about the 4th Sun-God, Varuṇāditya, the placement of Sun in Cancer and the 4th house, Satabhisaj Nakṣatra and overcoming bondage
Visti Larsen
Leo-Sun: Indrāditya (Aug 16 - Sep 15) & the 5th house-Sun
Learn about the 5th Sun-God, Indrāditya, and the 5th house Sun; the Sun in Leo and its aspects as per Saravali and Viṣakha Nakṣatra
Visti Larsen
Virgo-Sun: Vivasvānāditya (Sep 16 - Oct 16) & the 6th house-Sun
Understand the 6th Sun-God, Viśvāditya, Sun in the 6th house, its blessings, the possibility fame and its timing
Visti Larsen
Libra-Sun: Pūṣāditya (Oct 17 - Nov 14) & the 7th house-Sun
Discover the 7th Sun-God, Puṣāditya, the Sun in the 7th house from Lagna and Ārūḍha, effects of the 7th lord and Revatī Nakṣatra
Visti Larsen
Scorpio-Sun: Parjanyāditya (Nov 15 - Dec 15) & the 8th house-Sun
Learn about the 8th Sun-God, Parjanyāditya, the Sun in the 8th house, Prāṇapada the giver of life, and combinations for astrologers
Visti Larsen
Sagittarius-Sun: Aṁśuman āditya (Dec 16 - Jan 13)
Know the 9th Sun-God, Amśāditya, the effect of Sun in the 9th house, results of Ārūḍha and Sun's placement in Navāmśa
Visti Larsen

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Āditya - The Sun-God Bundle!

Get the entire twelve lectures of the 12 Āditya.

In these 12 courses you will understand the effects of the Sun-Sign, your giver of life and purpose.

Your Instructor

Visti Larsen
Visti Larsen

Visti is a student of Pt. Sanjay Rath and part of the Jyotish tradition of Śrī Achyutānanda Das of Kaliñga (Orissa). A tradition originating from the Pancha Sakha of Śrī Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. His study of the traditional Vedic knowledge has enabled him to further others in their study of Vedic Astrology through courses both online and in-person.

He has been a professional and practicing astrologer since 2004, and sees clients horoscopes on a daily basis. His experience enables him to portray the pitfalls and shortcuts to better horoscope analysis, which he also displays in the teachings and lessons he shares.

Visti holds the titles of Jyotiṣa Pandita and Jaimini Scholar, and is the custodian of the Mahaṛṣi Jaimini Upadeśa Sūtras.

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