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Janma/Birth Nakshatra is a whole-day workshop delivered by Visti Larsen at the Leeds International Conference 2022.

This workshop is a very extensive study on the topic of birth in each Nakṣatra, as per the Jyotish classical texts. This study is supported with reasoning and chart examples for each nakshatra. Over 6+ hours, Visti has presented the main traits of all twenty-seven Nakshatra while carefully picking up one main subject for each of them.

A common approach in reading any nakshatra is from the nakshatra itself. If we follow the approach of all interpreters published so far, all traits should be read from the nakshatra itself, which is hard to accept. Instead, we learn in the tradition that each of the twenty-seven nakṣatra color the predictions for the select nakṣatra, and we should never read a nakṣatra in isolation. This implies that the work of nakshatra will be decided by the nakṣatra in the tenth (karma) from it, and its marriage will be decided by the nakṣatra twelfth and sixteenth (sanghatika) from it, and so on. In this way, one learns the practical way of examining various nakshatra traits and the important interplay inside the Nakshatra chakra.

This is a must-have course for beginners and advanced alike, who wish to understand the basis of classical Jyotish literature.

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