Health and Illness Bundle

Learn how to diagnose diseases and health issues through astrology

A most vital and almost forgotten practice of using astrology is to diagnose and remedy diseases. This practice is universal to all ancient schools of Vedic, Greek, Babylonian and Christian schools of astrology, and is fundamental to the core purpose of astrology, namely improving the quality of life!

In 24 separate lessons, covered in 12 courses, Visti presents the classical understanding of various diseases, principles of their occurrence and example charts of their diagnosis and remedy. Your footing within medical astrology will be strengthened significantly by studying these 12 courses.

NOTE: Starting with the Cancer Illness course, that lays the foundation for examining health, each subsequent course builds upon each-other. Hence, studying the courses in the order of the curriculum will benefit the student the most.

These courses are best suited for students versed in the fundamentals of astrology and will propel the student to further heights in their study.

Courses Included with Purchase

Organ-based & Metastatic Cancers - discovering the organs of disease
Understanding cancer in horoscopes, how to find the diseased organ, the nature of disease, using Rāśi, Navāmśa (D-9) and Trimśāmśa (D-30)
Visti Larsen
Sleep Disorders - understanding insomnia and narcolepsy in charts
Understanding the cause of Sleep Disorders, from an ayurvedic and astrological perspective; understanding sleep in astrology
Visti Larsen
Immune system disorders including HIV/AIDS & Rheumatoid Arthritis
Understanding the cause of immune-system disorders, vyādhi-kṣamatva, ojas, and the source of infection or disease through Saturn
Visti Larsen
Shaking (Parkinsons) & Cerebral Palsy
Study of the ayurvedic diagnosis of Kampavāta & Vyādhi vāta; Parkinsons and Cerebral Palsy, their astrological combinations and remedies
Visti Larsen
Eating Disorders - the astrology behind dysfunctional eating
Bulimia, Anorexia & Binge Eating Disorder, why they arise and how the minds habits form around food from an astrological perspective
Visti Larsen
Thyroid disorders. their occurrence and how they affect the metabolism
Discover Hyper, Hypo Thyroidism & Hashimoto diseases in the chart, as well as pacifying remedies for the disease
Visti Larsen
Mental diseases & Cardiovascular diseases
Learn about the head and heart, their illnesses forms of madness according to classical literature, heart diseases and how to time their occurrences.
Visti Larsen
Diabetes, a study of pancreatic (1) & insulin resistant (2) diabetes
Diagnose 'prameha' or diabetes in the chart and discern between the two types as well as understand the remedies for them
Visti Larsen
Skin problems, covering Rosacea, Acne and remedies
Diagnose and remedy skin problems, and learn how to advise clients towards cosmetic surgery or alternative cures
Visti Larsen
Sexually Transmitted Diseases, both Veneral & Congenital
Learn how to diagnose diseases of the genitalia contracted either sexually (STD) or through birth
Visti Larsen
Lyme Disease and Malaria, a study of parasitic diseases
Study the occurrence of Lyme’s disease, its origins in peoples lives as well as Malaria and similar parasitic diseases
Visti Larsen
Gallstones & Kidney stones, a study of accumulative diseases
Know about issues due to the stones developed in the gallbladder & kidneys, as well as their remedy
Visti Larsen

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Get the entire twelve lectures of Health and Illness year, covering the various diseases and principles of examination in Vedic Astrology.

"All twelve health webinars together is like a treasure chest. It's aligned with my knowledge and interest of biomedical sciences, and seamlessly integrates modern scientific understanding with higher concepts in a precise manner. I've been able to correctly pinpoint disorders in the charts of people I know personally without error. I hope more people are able to benefit from your knowledge. Visti is a phenomenal teacher."

- Sathya Maharajh

Your Instructor

Visti Larsen
Visti Larsen

Visti is a student of Pt. Sanjay Rath and part of the Jyotish tradition of Śrī Achyutānanda Das of Kaliñga (Orissa). A tradition originating from the Pancha Sakha of Śrī Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. His study of the traditional Vedic knowledge has enabled him to further others in their study of Vedic Astrology through courses both online and in-person.

He has been a professional and practicing astrologer since 2004, and sees clients horoscopes on a daily basis. His experience enables him to portray the pitfalls and shortcuts to better horoscope analysis, which he also displays in the teachings and lessons he shares.

Visti holds the titles of Jyotiṣa Pandita and Jaimini Scholar, and is the custodian of the Mahaṛṣi Jaimini Upadeśa Sūtras.

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