The Pañchāñga is the Vedic calendar. Its most integral parts are the five calculations of Tithi (Lunar day), Vāsara (weekday), Nakṣatra (constellation), Kāraṇa (half-tithi) and Yoga.

•All these five (pañcha) limbs (añga) are calculated based on the Sun and/or Moon's position. E.g.
•Tithi: Sun-Moon/12
•Karaṇa: Sun-Moon/6
•Vāsara: Sunrise-Sunrise (Sun-based)
•Nakṣatra: Moon's longitude/27
•Yoga: Sun+Moon+Puṣya Nakṣatra/27
•The luminaries, Sun and Moon, are our creators and through these five limbs, they create the five tattva or elements. These Tattva are created in the void between the 3-loka and 4-loka.