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Resource for the owners of the book Jyotisha Fundamentals, My Masters Words.

Jyotish Fundamentals width=Jyotisa Fundamentals, My Masters Words - 2nd Edition. By Visti Larsen. 386 Pages, published 2013.

My first book, written with the intention of lifting the astrology student from a beginners level to an intermediate or advanced level. The book is a compilation of many notes and lectures learnt first hand from my Jyotish Guru - Pt. Sanjay Rath.

I have tried to avoid the usual 'beginners' introduction to astrology and instead dwelled on some very useful techniques as well as add a great deal of understanding to already known principles and techniques applied by the astrologers coming from the tradition/parampara. This also makes the book useful for the more advanced astrologers.

I pray that this publication comes to benefit all astrologers

The book can be purchased on all Amazon sites and affiliated sites. 

Book Contents: [link]

Preface, Introduction and Acknowledgements to 2nd edition: [link]