ॐ द्रां अत्त्रेयाय नमः
om drāṁ attreyāya namaḥ

In 2015 RAMA takes on the topic of health and illness, wherein 24 webinars on different types of illness will be covered, as well as their remedies.

Each webinar, lasting an hour each, will be held over two other Sundays from 3PM to 4PM CET (Central European Time). Each webinar is priced at EUR 19 € each (~ USD 23$ or INR 1438Rs.), and are grouped in pairs totalling a fee of EUR 38 €.

The webinars can be participated in online through SKYPE, or accessed after the fact where both presentation slides from the webinar as well as the recordings of the same will be available.

For those subscribing to all 24 webinars at once, four webinars are given for free at the total rate of: EUR 380 €. Similarly a 6 month subscription to 12 webinars will give 2 free webinars at a final rate of EUR 190 €. Subscription can be purchased at the buttons below. This is an unlimited offer. Instead subscription to each individual month can be performed by clicking on the given monthly-webinar. All subscriptions are unlimited and the resultant recordings and presentations can be accessed at any time.

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