Vyāsa YantraCourse on Maharṣi Jaimini Kṛtam Upadeśa Sutram
The four Adhyaya (chapters) of the work are taught through online lessons and in annual in-person workshops by Jaimini Scholar Visti Larsen.  One adhyaya per year is covered in detail and students are given deep and exquisite insight in to Jyotiṣa as a limb of the Veda or spiritual knowledge (Vedāñga Jyotiṣa).
Students are required to keep a strict spiritual discipline as they are introduced to some of the highest principles of Vedic Jyotiṣa.

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The topics discussed in this Year are:

  • Rishi, Tirtha, Sūtra
  • Brahmā Vidyā
  • Mantra & Upāsana
  • Lagna, Āditya and the Viṣnu Purana
  • Kalpavrikṣa
  • Kalachakra, Varna Bheda
  • Dattātreya Upaniṣad
  • Akachaṭatapayaśa varga and Naṣṭa Jātaka Praśna
  • And much more...

This year will focus alot more on Mantras and longevity. Birth, death and rebirth becomes the highlight of the second year, as well as understanding the real plan God has for each individual.

Health, how one will die, when it happens and where the soul is going, are all topics we will deal with in great detail.

The year also brings us into the topic of Rajjyotish.


The third year of the course Mahaṛṣi Jaimini kṛtaṁ upadeśa sūtra.


Second half of the third year of the course, Maharishi Jaimini Krtam Upadesha Sutram.
This year the online course will focus on the practical application of techniques from the previous year, examples.
The year will begin your consolidation of all that you have learned and this will extend into the actual workshop.


Preparatory forum for the fourth year of the Course: Mahaṛṣi Jaimini Kṛtam Upadeśa Sūtra.

This year is an informal one where the beginning of consolidation of the various years of Jaimini begin. We will begin this on the forums where we will share charts, principles and discussion topics from various sources to enable the 4th year to be digested properly. There are no lessons on this year.